Paris-based designer Alice VAILLANT started her women’s label in 2019, VAILLANT STUDIO.

Vaillant Studio is a women ready-to-wear brand created in 2020 by the artistic director, Alice Vaillant. The identity of the brand associated the codes of an hybrid wardrobe mixing vulnerability, poetry and sensuality. The clothes are structured with efficient lines and strong basics created by previous strong research. The aesthetic of each collections is the result of constant experiments on selected fabrics, that are deconstructed and reworked. The artisanal work on the fabrics demonstrates one of the added value of the brand, the French savoir-faire highlighted on each creation of Alice Vaillant.

Born in Paris, Alice Vaillant joined at very young age the Paris Opera Ballet School. She decided to move on from dance and to study Fashion Design in Montreal.
She returned to Paris and worked at Jean-Paul Gaultier and Nina Ricci’s studio.

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