Paris-based designer Alice VAILLANT started her women’s label in 2019, VAILLANT STUDIO.

VAILLANT STUDIO’s primary focus explores the dialogue between genre’s codes Vaillant enjoys to play with. She works around the traditional men’s wardrobe elements while including emblematic sportswear details in order to explore the possibility of an hybrid closet.

The brand focuses on garment creation where the reflection stages are core to the creative process. Each piece is work and re-work, using jersey made from plastic bottles fibers, old Levi’s jeans reused as jackets and pants, a patchwork of deadstock leather to make a set of unique pieces, accumalation of layers while each print owns its creative paths.

Born in Paris, Alice Vaillant joined at very young age the Paris Opera Ballet School. She decided to move on from dance and to study Fashion Design in Montreal.
She returned to Paris and worked at Jean-Paul Gaultier and Nina Ricci’s studio.

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