VAILLANT WORK WITHIN a virtuous and respectful eco-system where independent AND ECO-RESPONSIBLE businesses can survive and work TOGETHER in France and Europe.



All production is made in Europe (Poland, Portugal, and France).  It is imperative for VAILLANT to keep its production in Europe to maintain quality and to have a sustainable and ethical approach to the production chain. 



Packaging; Dust bags, Hand-tags, and Care labels are made from recycled fibres, and all poly bags are made from recycled plastic.



Our material are certified: either with REACH or OEKOTEX CERTIFIED jersey. Our fabrics are mainly from France and Italy and WE utilize faux fur made from recycled bottle fibres. OUR leather IS SOURCED ONLY from pre-consumer deadstock or WELL certified suppliers in Italy. WE SOURCE OUR DENIM from CERTIFIED suppliers in France. The washing is done in France and assembly also. The brand has FURTHER developed Eco Gala buttons made from lactose fibre. We also work with BIODEGRADABLE jersey cupro.


Lace come FROM preconsummer deadstock SOURCED IN CALAIS. Each lace band design can be different, WHICH IS CHALLENGING, BUT we have developed patterns that adapt to several different laces. We are working with Calais lace suppliers closely to develop this new production method with short circuits.

Calais has been the city of the Lace in France for 200 years, and we want to highlight the French savoir faire which is INCRREASINGLY being lost TODAY.  BUT From collaborating with local french factories, local sourcing, and using innovative fabrics WE HOPE WE CAN CONTRIBUTE TO SAVE THIS INDUSTRY. 

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